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Greg Schindel

Photos: Donna Schindel



Greg Schindel

Off the Tracks

Greg Schindel performs another style of music when he is  “off the tracks”. It has been described, as Northern California Transcendental Folk-Jazz and his songs include thoughtful lyrics about life in the country and experiences along the way.

He is known for his original songwriting talents and he has written and arranged all of the songs on a new CD entitled “Originals”. He accompanies himself on guitar, autoharp, and harmonicas. He has produced this CD of his original music with City of Light Sound & Recording Studio. “Originals” is a collection that spans 35 years of songwriting.

Malakai Schindel

Greg is joined on “Originals” by the talents of his son, Malakai, singing and playing the flute and the haunting didgeridoo.

Heidi & Donna Schindel

His daughter, Heidi and wife, Donna add vocals and percussion.

Donna is also the photographer and graphic art director, making this CD truly a family affair!

Graphics include original artwork “Caretaker” by renowned artist, John Wagenet ©1986.


Caretaker by John Wagenet



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