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© 1998 - 2004
Greg Schindel

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New Tracks CD - Train Singer ™, March 2001

New Tracks
©2001, Greg Schindel

Contains train songs of hard work and of the dangers of working on the railroad. Six familiar train songs are especially for children. The ring of steel on steel and claps of exploding dynamite add color and excitement to this unique collection.

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Contains 20 Great train songs:

• Sixteen Tons
• TakeThis Hammer
• John Henry
• Drill Ye Tarriers
• Pat Works on the Railway
• Daddy, What's a Train?
• Get on Board
• Little Children
• Steam Chant( by Greg Schindel)
• Down by the Station


• Morning Town Train
• The Little Engine That Could
• The Little Red Caboose
• Way Out There
• People Get Ready
• This Train is Bound for Glory
• Freight Train Blues
• Life's Railway to Heaven
• Sentimental Journey
• Bye-Bye Blackbird

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